Edge360 Launches Surveill VMS to Private Sector Patent-Pending Technology

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 21, 2021


Edge360 Launches Surveill VMS to Private Sector Patent-Pending Technology

Edge360 announced the launch of its Video Management Software to the private sector, Surveill VMS, the first fully containerized VMS running on microservices.

Surveill VMS was originally created to support the U.S. government on a global scale and now offers the private sector a true-enterprise surveillance technology that can scale with their business.

“Edge360 makes products that are operationally-appropriate, specifically designed to answer to real-world issues in mission-critical environments,” said John Rezzonico, CEO, Edge360. “Surveill VMS was built with purpose. To provide a true Enterprise solution that scales horizontally with a reduced hardware footprint in a solution that is easy to maintain, even on a global scale.”

Features of Surveill VMS include, but are not limited to:
• Containerized platform – multiple microservices running on a single server, communicating in a virtual environment
• Built-in failover and redundancy
• Active-Active Clustering
• API-First Technology ready to integrate with third-party security solutions

Surveill is available now, offering options for organizations of any size.

For more information about Surveill VMS, visit www.surveill.com

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