Mobiveil and Crossbar partner to apply NVMe SSD IP to ReRAM IP blocks

September 12, 2017

Mobiveil and Crossbar partner to apply NVMe SSD IP to ReRAM IP blocks

Mobiveil, Inc. and Crossbar, Inc. have partnered to apply Mobiveil’s PCIe to NVMe solid state drive (SDD) IP to Crossbar ReRAM IP blocks. The companies are collaborating on a ReRAM-based SSD design that will support 512-bit I/O operations per second at below 10 µs latency, allowing the solution to provide faster access times for frequently accessed data center information.

Crossbar ReRAM technology can be integrated in standard 40 nm CMOS logic or produced as a standalone memory chip to deliver byte-alterable, erase-free operation that is faster and lower power than traditional flash memory. ReRAM reduces storage controller complexity by removing large portions of the background memory accesses required for garbage collection. It also eliminates the need to build large-block memory arrays in flash designs, as it provides independent, atomic erasure.

“Crossbar’s ReRAM technology can be architected with small pages that can be independently erased or re-programmed,” says George Minassian, chief executive officer and co-founder of Crossbar, Inc. “The result is a SSD that acts more like DDR memory than flash.”

Mobiveil’s NVM Express Solution features a complete subsystem design based on configurable controller IP that accelerates PCIe SSD designs. The NVMe controller IP is outfitted with an AXI interface that simplifies integration with FPGAs and SoCs.

Other IP subsystem components include PCIe Gen 3.0, DDR3/4, and ONFI controllers. An FPGA development platform includes BSPs and drivers for validating the NVMe IP solution against user applications.

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