Cirrus Logic Brings Immersive Audio to PC Market

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 05, 2023


Cirrus Logic Brings Immersive Audio to PC Market

COMPUTEX, TAIPEI - Cirrus Logic announced a PC-optimized audio solution equipped with the Cirrus Logic® CS35L56 smart amplifier and the low-power CS42L43 SmartHIFITM PC audio codec to give consumers an immersive PC audio experience.

The advanced audio solution is designed to simplify PC architectures for manufacturers, and the company’s CS35L56 smart amplifier helps PC manufacturers provide deep bass, balanced sound, and dynamic range from compact multiple-speaker designs in compact devices.

The CS35L56 smart amplifier features onboard DSP, sensing hardware, notebook battery voltage boost, and protection and enhancement algorithms for PC audio that magnifies loudness while minimizing rattle and vibration. The CS35L56 amplifier also produces maximum performance from traditional form factors, such as 360s and detachable 2-in-1s and folios, and new high-excursion and force-cancelling speakers without noticeable speaker degradation.

The CS35L56 amplifier enables integration with a SoundWire® Device Class Audio (SDCA) manager, and is capable of working within Microsoft’s ACX framework. Cirrus Logic’s audio solution is a hardware, firmware, and Windows driver solution compatible across processors and with any number of speakers.

The advanced audio solution allows OEMs to choose the number of CS35L56 amplifiers to pair with the CS42L43 codec, which integrates a MIPI SoundWire® interface (v1.2). The CS42L43 PC audio codec is optimized for a progressive headset audio experience with ideal voice clarity, high dynamic range, and low distortion. Per the company, the CS42L43 audio codec also contributes to longer PC battery life.

“As users rely more and more on their laptops in their daily lives, whether it’s in hybrid working environments or for entertainment, today’s laptops need solutions that promise big sound out of small spaces while addressing the industry transition to the SoundWire® interface,” said Eric Eklund, director of Marketing and Applications for Cirrus Logic’s Mixed-Signal Products Group. “Cirrus Logic answers this need with a premium PC-built audio solution that enables frustration-free OEM design and loud, immersive audio whether listening from the speakers on your laptop or using headphones.”

The 55-nm process CS35L56 is available in a commercial-grade 34-pin QFN package. The CS42L43 audio codec is available in a commercial-grade, 70-ball, 13mm2 WLCSP (wafer-level chip scale package) and a commercial-grade, 88-pin QFN package. Samples of both products are available now with production volumes expected to begin before the end of this year.

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