MiR's AMRs Set to Prowl Automate 2023

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 19, 2023


MiR's AMRs Set to Prowl Automate 2023
Image Credit: MiR

Detroit, Michigan. While attending Automate 2023, be sure to stop by booth 4032 where Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) will be demonstrating its autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), AI solutions, and its fleet management software. MiR’s AMRs are designed for automating internal logistics within manufacturing and warehouse settings and will be showcased alongside what MiR sees as the role AI plays within its AMRs.

MiR Chief Architect, James Davidson, said, “While AI has developed into somewhat of an abstract and confusing ‘buzzword’ across all industries, the potential is. massive and wide-reaching, and real-world use cases with AMRs already demonstrate the benefits AI can offer.”

During the exposition, MiR will have working models displaying how safe and efficient its AMRs are by instructing them to roam amongst the attendees during the show. 360-degree vision utilizes sensors, 3D cameras, and laser scans are leveraged for complete environment mapping. Jane Heffner, director of sales, Americas, said,  “Seeing our user-friendly and highly flexible robots in person—whether in limited motion at the booth or full out in the AMR Technology Demonstration booth—makes it clear how they can benefit nearly any organization.”

Also in the MiR booth, attendees have a chance to learn more about its cloud-based software tools suite, MiR Insights, including its data dashboards and heatmaps.

For more information, visit mobile-industrial-robots.com/.


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