Pilz presents in SPS 2019 the control of safe access to machines and facilities

November 06, 2019


Pilz presents in SPS 2019 the control of safe access to machines and facilities

Pilz will show at the SPS 2019 fair the control of secure access to machines and installations, both physically and virtually.

Experts from the world of automation will meet at SPS - Smart Production Solutions, the leading European trade fair specialized in electrical automation. 

In this year's SPS, the central theme of Pilz will be the control of secure access to machines and installations, both physically and virtually. Pilz presents the advantages of its holistic solution:

  • PITmode fusion operation mode and access authorization selection system : Safety and Security functions in a single system
  • Modular door protection system : protection of access to machines and protection of workers against dangerous movements of machines
  • Secure configurable microcontrollers PNOZmulti 2: for the supervision of safety functions. Simple configuration of access authorizations in the software tool

Experience the Industrie 4.0

The installation of Smart Factory is one of the "100 locations for Industrie 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg" (German initiative). Thanks to decentralized control intelligence, mobile service robotics, intelligent diagnostics and visualization, as well as the cloud connection, the Smart Factory manufactures different custom products with lot size 1 on the stand.

From sensors and drives to controls and robotics, all the Pilz products involved are networked.

Complete solutions for safe robotics

Pilz accompanies users on the road to secure robotic application and in accordance with regulations. In Nuremberg the possible fields of application of the new Pilz service robotics modules can be seen: as a mobile variant coordinated with an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) and as a "pick and place" application in the Smart Factory.

In the stand you can also find out about the extensive program of services in the area of ??robotics thanks to experts on the protection of robot cells and the Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC).

Be the first to reach the goal with Pilz's safe drive technology

With Pilz drive technology, global and energy-efficient solutions are obtained for the automation of machinery: from handling and control to the movement of super-dynamic drives. Benefit from the extraordinary flexibility of our solution.

The interactive driving simulator will be shown at the fair, a highly entertaining device that will convince you of the advantages of Pilz Motion Control (PMC) solutions. This 6-axis simulator demonstrates the perfect synchronization of PMCtendo Pilz servo motors with PMCprotego servo amplifiers and the Motion Control PMCprimo C control system.

Smart sensors for ideas with a future

Sensors play an increasingly crucial role in automation. The sensors perform all kinds of functions, from surface and space supervision or quality control to the protection of doors and HRC applications.

With the modular door protection system, a solution for door protection can be configured to measure. The new Light, Master and Slave variants of the PSENscan safety laser scanner allow stationary and mobile surface monitoring and physical access protection applications. We will also demonstrate how to protect applications in harsh environments (e.g., outdoors) with the LBK System secure radar system, the PNOZmulti 2 secure configurable microcontrol and the new PNOZmulti Configurator.

You can visit the Pilz Stand in Hall 9, Stand 370