Premio Launches New Edge Computing Solutions Built for Rugged Environments

September 26, 2019


Premio Launches New Edge Computing Solutions Built for Rugged Environments

Premio Inc. announces a new range of products powered by 7th Gen Intel? Core? Mobile-U Processors for industrial edge computing integration.

GREATER LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Premio Inc., a premier global ODM/OEM solutions provider in computing technology from the edge to the cloud, is proud to announce a new range of products powered by 7th Gen Intel® Core™ Mobile-U Processors for industrial edge computing integration. Products featuring this upgrade include Rugged Edge Computers (RCO-3400), Machine Vision Computers (VCO-3400) and IP65/67 Waterproof Computers (WCO-3400). These new rugged edge computers are purpose-built to deliver increased productivity and performance scaling for industrial workload consolidation while providing rugged reliability in challenging usage environments.

“The acceleration of edge applications further out from the cloud data center is creating newfound opportunities for IoT innovation and real-time data inference,” said Dustin Seetoo, Director of Product Marketing. “Premio’s rugged edge solutions are designed to balance performance and reliability without sacrificing features to empower edge deployments in fleet management, security, automation, machine vision and IIoT.”

The 7th Gen Intel Core Mobile-U Processors offer greater CPU and graphics performance with a low TDP of just 15W for optimized power-efficiency. IoT edge applications can utilize the improved processor speeds for heavier workloads and take advantage of faster I/O with support for PCIe Gen 3 and DDR4 memory. With versatile options for expansion, each product line is specialized for different scenarios needing a range of interface and control capabilities.

The RCO-3400 rugged edge computer offers M12 LAN/PoE device support, CAN bus network protocol and power ignition management for in-vehicle applications involving data logging, surveillance and IoT edge communication. It also features wireless WAN with 4G LTE connectivity across multiple carriers. The RCO-3400 is ideal for mobile and remote edge computing with MIL-STD-810G standards to sustain high shock and vibration.

The VCO-3400 machine vision has available options for up to 4x PCI expansion slots in addition to isolated DIO and COM port support for legacy device integration. Featuring multiple mounting options and optimal port access, the VCO-3400 is ideal for machine vision applications in industrial factory conditions.

The WCO-3400 waterproof computer is available in either IP65 or IP67 configurations for edge deployments in extremely challenging environments where dust, water and debris are present. The secure WCO-3400 is a great solution for food and beverage processing, smart city, water treatment plants and automation control where there is a constant threat of water intrusion to temporary immersion.

Each rugged solution features robust reliability with an extended wide operating temperature of -40°C to 70°C. With a completely fanless and cableless construction using high quality components and material, these new computing systems are well suited for edge implementation. They feature a wide voltage input range of 9 to 50VDC with a suite of power protection measures including overvoltage, overcurrent, and reverse polarity. With security features such as watchdog timer, remote system reset and TPM 2.0, system integrators have the flexibility and reliability for secure always-on operation.

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