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Saumitra Jagdale is a Backend Developer, Freelance Technical Author, Global AI Ambassador (SwissCognitive), Open-source Contributor in Python projects, Leader of Tensorflow Community India, and Passionate AI/ML Enthusiast.

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AI & Machine Learning

Deploying AI Vision Kits for Advanced Image Processing and Analytics - Blog

May 16, 2022

One of the key aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications is image processing and computer vision. With the rise in complexity and demand for AI and ML applications, it is important to develop efficient, cutting-edge tools for image processing and analytics of visual data.

Software & OS

Software Development Tools for RISC-V Heterogeneous Multiprocessor and AI Applications - Blog

April 19, 2022

With the massive demand for AI applications, the underlying hardware needs to be compatible with advanced software tools for optimal product development life-cycle. AndeSight V1.5 is one of the newest IDEs that enables users to efficiently develop embedded use cases for AI and much more.

Analog & Power

Optimizing the Efficiency of Electric Vehicles with Silicon-Based Battery Technology - Blog

April 07, 2022

With the rise of electric vehicles, there has been a demand in the industry to attain more efficient, environment-friendly technologies for EV batteries. A revolutionary platform, Sinanode meets the market requirements and provides a solution in a cost-effective way. 

AI & Machine Learning

Accelerating AI Inference Models for Computer Vision and Voice in Edge Devices - Blog

April 04, 2022

Accelerating AI inference models has become an essential task as we progress towards creating more sophisticated and efficient AI applications. Flexibile and complete AI assistance are critical components for success in the fast-growing AI sector. 

Open Source

High-Performance Toolkit for Deep Learning Inference - Blog

April 04, 2022

In recent years, Deep Neural Networks have made significant advances in bringing the accuracy of computer vision algorithms to the next level. OpenVINO toolkit is one such example that enables the optimization of DNN models while providing high performance.

AI & Machine Learning

The Blend of AI and IoT Wireless Connectivity - Blog

March 29, 2022

Emerging IoT technology contributes to the growth of OEMs in various sectors as it helps collect massive amounts of data from multiple sources. Although it is complex to collect, process, and analyze this load of data, the blend of AI with the help of IoT has the power to revamp the operation of industries, businesses and economies.


Multi-Thread AI Processor Features Low Power Supercomputing - Blog

March 04, 2022

Working with AI models can be highly demanding in terms of computational resources — with more processing power comes greater power requirements. To solve this problem, Ceremorphic developed the ThreadArch multi-thread processor technology.

AI & Machine Learning

AI Platform Combining Cloud and Edge Services - Blog

March 03, 2022

With every passing day, technical demands evolve, and so does the technology we use. Edge services and cloud computing have both improved significantly in the past few years with a wide range of functionalities. Combining both of these technologies offers great advantages. 


TP-Link Features Tapo Smart Home Products - Blog

January 25, 2022

TP-Link recently announced a range of smart, secure home devices under the Tapo brand that includes HomeKit-enabled smart lights, plugs, smart switches, and a few more IoT-enabled consumer appliances.


QuarkLink IoT Security Management Platform Enhances Macronix's ArmorFlash Ecosystem - Blog

January 11, 2022

IoT networks are prone to cyberattacks if not secured effectively. The QuarkLink IoT security management platform secures and enhances Macronix’s ArmorFlash Ecosystem with its most resilient and scalable IoT security approach.

Open Source

Top 5 Microcontroller Development Boards of 2021 - Blog

January 06, 2022

The microcontroller development board is the core component of an embedded or IoT application, thus it becomes significantly important to choose the board before designing the application. As there were many launches of development boards in 2021, it may be a difficult decision to choose the one suitable for your target application. 


AWS IoT TwinMaker Optimizes the Build of Digital Twins - Blog

December 21, 2021

Amazon Web Services recently announced its IoT TwinMaker that optimizes the development of digital twins, making the complex process much faster and easier. AWS IoT allows developers to construct and use digital twins of real-world systems to monitor and optimize operations more quickly and easily.

AI & Machine Learning

MLPerf Training Evaluates Execution Timings of the Deployed Machine Learning Models - Blog

December 20, 2021

Machine learning (ML) requires industry-standard performance benchmarks to aid in the creation and competitive assessment of the numerous ML-related software and hardware solutions.


Simplifying Design Verification for Increasingly Custom RISC-V Processors - Story

December 10, 2021

RISC-V is known as an open-standard instruction set architecture (ISA) whose base instructions have been frozen to minimize complexity. But more recently it has added a wide range of custom extensions and enhancements that are making it increasingly popular amongst SoC designers building application-specific systems.

AI & Machine Learning

Edge Native AI for Flexibility in Developing and Designing Smart Systems - Blog

December 09, 2021

The progress in the field of OEM products comes at the cost of increasing complexities in the design and architecture of the systems. As the most trending feature contributing to this type of progress, Edge AI brings out the issue of compatible platforms for such dynamic development and designing. 

Open Source

CaribouLite Raspberry Pi HAT, A Low-Cost Software Defined Radio - Blog

December 06, 2021

Radio communication is becoming extremely important for safety and emergency communication systems during situations like natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Interoperability problems are faced by military and civil safety officials as different aid agencies have radios working in different frequency bands, waveforms, and protocols. Additionally, these radios used need to be low cost, small size, portable and require low power to operate.


Algorithms for Intrusion Detection and Defense Systems Against Cyber Threats in Embedded Devices - Story

November 17, 2021

With the exponential rise in the popularity of embedded systems due to their compact size and efficient performance, the security of embedded systems has become a major concern.

Networking & 5G

Enhancing the Fiber Capacity Via Packet Multiplexing with Time-Sensitive Networking - Blog

November 08, 2021

With the development of 4G LTE networks along with the ramping up of 5G and Ethernet services, the industries are compelled to enhance the RAN transport and access architectures.


Time-Sensitive Networking Integrates Information and Operational Technology - Blog

October 29, 2021

Overcoming the shortcomings of the current ethernet-based industrial networks, the CC-Link IE TSN, “Opens the Future of Connected Industries” by adding the advantages of Time-Sensitive Networking along with flexible implementation for various types of equipment.


Use Mesh Sensor Networks to Overcome Fidelity Issues in Condition Monitoring - Blog

October 25, 2021

Despite the precision in sensor technology, there is always a shortcoming associated with the performance of monitoring systems.

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