QuarkLink IoT Security Management Platform Enhances Macronix's ArmorFlash Ecosystem

By Saumitra Jagdale

Freelance Technology Writer

January 11, 2022


QuarkLink IoT Security Management Platform Enhances Macronix's ArmorFlash Ecosystem

IoT networks are prone to cyberattacks if not secured effectively. The QuarkLink IoT security management platform secures and enhances Macronix’s ArmorFlash Ecosystem with its most resilient and scalable IoT security approach.

End-to-end security for IoT devices is more than simply a risk reducer. Better-secured IoT devices can open up new opportunities and commercial prospects for businesses. As technology advances, it brings along with it a few threats concerning the security of devices and users.

Recently, Crypto Quantique, a company specializing in quantum-driven cyber security for the internet of things (IoT), in collaboration with Macronix, introduced the QuarkLink IoT Security Management platform for Macronix’s ArmorFlash Ecosystem. QuarkLink offers Macronix customers an end-to-end security solution for provisioning, onboarding, and lifetime management of IoT devices that use its secure memory.

ArmorFlash memory uses a Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) to provide Macronix chips unique, immutable, and unclonable identities. ArmorFlash solutions rely on these unique identities to provide a secure element. This makes them more suitable for securing through the QuarkLink Cryptography techniques. 

The Crypto Quantique QuarkLink platform offers easy IoT security solutions from chip to cloud. Its architecture provides scalable IoT security with the most robust methods. QuarkLink effectively protects any IoT system, and when used in conjunction with QDID, it provides the greatest level of security.

Unlike existing IoT security solutions, which have flaws that make scaling a concern, QuarkLink offers a number of benefits that include eliminating complexity, easy “Root-of-trust” integration, and covering all device deployment stages. 

The challenges of cryptography that enable secure IoT connections are entirely automated with QuarkLink. Thousands of IoT devices may be securely onboarded to their preferred cloud service provider in minutes thanks to a simple, user-friendly user interface. 

While connecting to a cloud-based server, no cryptographic skill is required to comprehend the complexity of credential management. There is also no need to create the complicated embedded software required to maintain cryptographic keys and certificates, which might take months of engineering time.

Source: Crypto Quantique

ArmorFlash encrypts data using a security protocol that ensures unique transfers even when accessing the same address from the ArmorFlash secure memory area many times. To prevent data from being hacked, ArmorFlash provides high levels of data privacy, integrity, and availability.  

The ArmorFlash ecosystem is securely connected to applications and services operating on in-house or cloud-based servers via the QuarkLink platform. The platform eases device provisioning, onboarding, and lifespan management such as firmware upgrades, certificate renewal, and device revocation.

A firmware image is introduced into semiconductors during the programming step. This firmware is encrypted and signed by QuarkLink so that only the IoT device may decrypt it. The secure boot sequences can be enabled inside the IoT device. QuarkLink and a root-of-trust can be used to construct an identity for devices that don't have one. For maximum security, neither cryptographic keys nor any identities leave the device. QuarkLink avoids secure provisioning fees from HSMs and secure key distribution, resulting in significant cost savings for providing IoT devices.

To identify breaches or hacks, QuarkLink can monitor a device's firmware integrity. It can unlink a device from its system, disconnect it from servers, and revoke its keys if any suspicious action is detected. It's also simple to re-onboard a gadget in case of ownership transfer. 

Providing IoT Security Solutions for Enhancing the ArmorFlash Ecosystem

QuarkLink and Macronix’s ArmorFlash together provide one of the best IoT security management platforms available today. From chip to cloud, the Crypto Quantique QuarkLink platform provides simple IoT security solutions and is extremely user-friendly.

Saumitra Jagdale is a Backend Developer, Freelance Technical Author, Global AI Ambassador (SwissCognitive), Open-source Contributor in Python projects, Leader of Tensorflow Community India, and Passionate AI/ML Enthusiast.

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