TP-Link Features Tapo Smart Home Products

By Saumitra Jagdale

Freelance Technology Writer

January 25, 2022


TP-Link Features Tapo Smart Home Products

TP-Link recently announced a range of smart, secure home devices under the Tapo brand that includes HomeKit-enabled smart lights, plugs, smart switches, and a few more IoT-enabled consumer appliances.

Along with these high-tech appliances, TP-Link also announced four Tapo-cloud-enabled security cameras. A few of these WiFi cameras support microSD cards for recording the video feed. The new Tapo C220 Pan and Tilt Camera is the first in this series. When required, this camera hides the lens in a physical frame, ensuring complete privacy. The associated app allows users to control the process remotely.

It functions as a fully-featured 2K QHD pan and tilt camera in standard mode, with up to 110 degrees per second pan and tilt for better motion tracking. The product also uses built-in AI algorithms for person detection, vehicle detection, pet detection, etc.

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The Tapo C320WS is an outdoor security WiFi camera with 2K resolution and clear imaging. It can capture vivid colors at night thanks to a high-resolution sensor and a spotlight and features motion detection, sound and light alarms, and a night vision range of up to 98 feet. It has a durable IP66 architecture and up to 256GB SD storage with paid cloud storage.

The Tapo C720 Floodlight Camera is a security Wifi camera with a 4MP 2K resolution, 140-degree view angle, and 270-degree PIR detection angle. Moreover, it also provides a 2500 lumen floodlight for users' backyards and garages and a highly sensitive starlight sensor that can capture images in low-light conditions. It has an IP65 rating that makes it suitable for outdoor usage.

Lastly, the battery-powered Tapo C410S2 Outdoor Security WiFi Camera offers a 2K resolution and crystal clear photos. The wire-free design allows customers to set up their devices wherever they wish, and the energy-saving architecture extends the battery life significantly. In addition, the manufacturer has included a smart detection feature that may notify users of the presence of people, pets, and vehicles.

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Further, the majority of the new Tapo products including smart plugs, switches, and smart lighting are compatible with Google Assistance, Amazon Alexa, and even with the Apple HomeKit. The Tapo P125 Mini Smart Plug, Tapo S500D Smart Dimmer Switch, and Tapo P306 Wall Power Strip are among these products compatible with the Apple HomeKit. The Tapo P125 Mini Smart Plug has a unique design that makes it compact and flame-resistant. 

The Tapo S500D Smart Dimmer Switch, with its high efficiency and compact sensors and transducers, allows the users to control the intensity of lights using voice or in-app commands.

With three smart outlets, three always-on outlets, one USB Type-C charging port, and two USB Type-A charging ports, the Tapo P306 considerably extends the number of outlets.

TP-Link Tapo also introduces a range of IoT-enabled smart devices including the Tapo H100 Smart IoT Hub, Tapo T100 Smart Motion Sensor, and the Tapo T110 Smart Window/Door Sensor. The combination of these IoT-enabled appliances allows the consumers to set up custom alarms or triggers. The Tapo H100 contains a powerful but energy-efficient 90dB buzzer for alerting users. The Tapo H100 has a wide range of capabilities, including the ability to create triggers for events such as mail delivery or an intruder accessing a door or window.

The wireless and battery-powered Tapo S200D Smart Button is also available, allowing customers to add switches anywhere they desire control over their smart lights and other connected devices.

Efficient and Reliable HomeKit Enabled Consumer IoT Solutions

After making a huge impact in consumer WiFi services, TP-Link is now capturing smart IoT appliances as well. The Tapo Smart Hubs and Sensors enhance the lives of consumers with their high-efficiency sensors and user-friendly mobile applications for easy device control.

The Tapo devices are flexible, allowing users to customize them according to personal requirements and choices. Moreover, they offer a wide range of connectivity as they are compatible with Google Assistance, Amazon Alexa, and even Apple HomeKit.

Saumitra Jagdale is a Backend Developer, Freelance Technical Author, Global AI Ambassador (SwissCognitive), Open-source Contributor in Python projects, Leader of Tensorflow Community India, and Passionate AI/ML Enthusiast.

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