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PX5 Integrates Arm TrustZone for a Boost in Security - News

April 27, 2023

San Diego, California. PX5 is adding more security of its real-time operating systems (RTOS), and middleware, by integrating Arm TrustZone technology in its advanced PX5 RTOS for a a boost in security from hardware to code. Designers get secured reliability assurance down to the physical level. “With MCU-based products at the core of our daily lives, from automotive components to industrial shop floors, it is imperative for manufacturers to address cybersecurity risks from the hardware up,” said William Lamie, CEO, PX5.


Intel and Arm Combine Forces for Innovative SoC Design - News

April 14, 2023

Santa Clara, California, and Cambridge, United Kingdom. A multigeneration union between Intel Foundry Services (IFS) and Arm will see low power SoCs based on the Intel 18A process. The companies see the future as expanding to applications involving Internet of Things (IoT), automotive, aerospace, and data centers.


embedded world 2023: Arm and ecosystem leaders empower developers for a future built on Arm - Story

March 10, 2023

As society advances, so do its challenges. And as we look to solve them, our world is being totally immersed in smart edge systems.


The Road to embedded world '23 Starts Here - Blog

December 12, 2022

ECD is once again back on the Road to embedded world with our blog series. We are packing up and starting at the Atlantic with ARM, headquartered in Cambridge, England, right on the River Cam. ARM will be showcasing Cloud-native application development, IoT, and Automotive use cases. Visit Stand 4 - 540 to see how ARM takes the heavy lifting out of your Industrial needs. So, grab some coffee, buckle up, and put on some tunes, this is going to be a fun ride.


Arm’s New Partnerships Help Accelerate IoT Software Development - News

November 08, 2022

Arm announced its Arm Virtual Hardware solution, a cloud-based virtual modeling platform that provides models of Arm subsystems and third-party development boards to allow software developers, OEMs, and service providers to begin software development as well as software and hardware co-design without physical silicon or complex board farms. This virtual approach enables embedded systems developers to both use and scale modern development practices like MLOps and DevOps flows at scale.


Arm Introduces New Image Signal Processor to Advance Vision Systems for IoT and Embedded Markets - News

June 13, 2022

With increased demand for more and higher quality image processing in future devices, Arm’s ISP technology, the Mali-C55 ISP, is the smallest and most configurable ISP from Arm to date and has its first public licensee, Renesas.


Arm’s Total Solution to the Hardware/Software Co-Design Challenge Continues to Evolve - Story

May 25, 2022

Everyone has had a conversation with that experienced engineer or tenured member of the technical staff who’s said, “IoT is nothing new. I’ve been doing that for [insert number of decades], we just called it [insert connected embedded/M2M/other term implying networked equipment].” It’s eye roll-inducing. And it’s wrong.