Intel and Arm Combine Forces for Innovative SoC Design

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 14, 2023


Intel and Arm Combine Forces for Innovative SoC Design
Image Credit: Arm

Santa Clara, California, and Cambridge, United Kingdom. A multigeneration union between Intel Foundry Services (IFS) and Arm will see low power SoCs based on the Intel 18A process. The companies see the future as expanding to applications involving Internet of Things (IoT), automotive, aerospace, and data centers.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel Corporation said, “Intel’s collaboration with Arm will expand the market opportunity for IFS and open up new options and approaches for any fabless company that wants to access best-in-class CPU IP and the power of an open system foundry with leading-edge process technology.”

The agreement will allow a more stable global supply chain for foundry customers developing Arm-based CPU cores for mobile SoC designs. Arm developers will get full access to Intel’s open system foundry model that includes general wafer fabrication, as well as packaging, software, and chiplets.

The companies are developing technology co-optimization (DTCO), to enhance power performance and PPAC integrating Arm technology into the Intel 18A process technology. Arm designers will receive innovative Intel 18A process technology delivering advanced transistor technology for a boost in both power and performance. Also included is IFS’s manufacturing footprint including U.S. and EU based capacity. Delivered with Intel 18a are the PowerVia for delivery and RibbonFET gate all around (GAA) transistor architecture.

A mobile reference design will be available to demonstrate software and system intelligence for foundry users.

“As the demands for compute and efficiency become increasingly complex, our industry must innovate on many new levels. Arm’s collaboration with Intel enables IFS as a critical foundry partner for our customers as we deliver the next generation of world-changing products built on Arm,” said Rene Haas, CEO of Arm.

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