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Articles related to Infineon

Infineon and Kontrol Collab on Autonomous Vehicle Safety - News

July 06, 2023

Munich, Germany and Linz, Austria. Infineon Technologies AG and the Austrian product compliance company Kontrol are collaborating on the future of legally compliant and safe mobility applications. Kontrol will deliver translation and digitalization of legal regulations and on-road standards into machine-readable language.


LEVs Offer a Clean, Sustainable Transportation Option - Blog

July 06, 2023

Light electric vehicles (LEVs) are part of the urban e-mobility megatrend, though not as commonly discussed in the media and technology sectors as EV passenger cars in the global setting. LEVs are generally smaller and lighter than traditional EVs, and are designed for personal transportation and include a range of vehicles, such as electric bicycles (e-bikes), scooters, motorcycles, rickshaws, and microcars (quadricycles).


Protect Your IoT Devices, Really - Blog

June 27, 2023

It took a little explaining for me to understand this one, but now it makes sense, a lot of sense.

Analog & Power

ISOFACE™ Digital Isolators Offer High-Voltage Isolation, Efficiency, and Noise Immunity - News

June 16, 2023

MUNICH, Germany. Infineon Technologies AG recently introduced the first generation of its ISOFACE™ dual-channel digital isolators, which are designed for robust high-voltage isolation and are pin-to-pin compatible with offerings from other suppliers.

Analog & Power

Get Powered Up With USB-C - Blog

June 15, 2023

USB charging has become the de-facto method for charging several portable devices we use these days, most notably smartphones, notebooks, and tablets.


Infineon Announces Next Generation 1200 V CoolSiC™ Trench MOSFET in TO263-7 Package To Support e-Mobility - News

June 13, 2023

Munich, Germany – Infineon announced a new generation of 1200 V CoolSiC™ MOSFETs in TO263-7 for automotive applications, offering switching performance through 25 percent lower switching losses compared to the first generation, and enabling high-frequency operation, smaller system sizes, and increased power density.

Software & OS

Infineon Announces New Dashboard and BSP Updates in ModusToolbox™ 3.1 - News

June 12, 2023

Munich, Germany – Infineon Technologies AG announced an update of ModusToolbox™ 3.1, a comprehensive suite of development tools and embedded run-time assets that provide a development environment.