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Analog & Power

Infineon Drives ADAS with its PROFET Load Guard 12V Series - News

April 18, 2023

Munich, Germany. Infineon Technologies AG announced a a new automotive smart high-side power switch series. The PROFET Load Guard 12V dual- and single-channel delivers a current capacitive range between 0.3 and 8.7 A, depending on the R DS(ON), with no need for a microcontroller.

Analog & Power

Embedded Executive: Peter Friedrichs, VP of SiC, Infineon Technologies - Podcast

April 05, 2023

With the voltage levels for GaN power semiconductors moving up and the levels for SiC moving down, we have an overlap, where either type of device would be suitable for the job.

So which should you choose?


Infineon and Delta Electronics Extend Partnership to Collaborate on Electromobility - News

April 03, 2023

Munich, Germany and Taipei, Taiwan – Infineon Technologies AG and Delta Electronics Inc., a power and energy management company based in Taiwan, are in the process of shifting their cooperation from industrial to automotive applications, as both companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaboratively provide more advanced solutions for electric vehicles.


Telemedicine Can Work If the Trust Is Present - Story

March 22, 2023

Thanks to a host of modern innovations, not the least of which is the proliferation of the IoT, the world is changing at an astounding pace, and health care is changing with it—and that’s a great thing. The dreaded delays in doctors’ waiting rooms have given way to real-time online diagnosis, treatment histories stored in the cloud, and other innovations.


Infineon and Apex.AI Collaborate to Integrate the AURIX™ TC3x Microcontroller and Apex.Grace to Accelerate the Development of Software-Defined Vehicles - News

March 21, 2023

Munich, Germany and Palo Alto, California – Infineon Technologies AG and Apex.AI, a company developing safety-certified software for mobility and autonomous applications, are co-developing a platform to speed up the software development process of safety-critical automotive functions in vehicles by combining Apex.AI’s software development kit and Infineon’s AURIX™ TC3X microcontroller.


Product of the Week: Infineon Technology’s PSoC 4100S Max - Story

March 20, 2023

Programmable SoCs provide flexibility, determinism, and reprogrammable capabilities for wide range of applications where device customization and conditions regularly fluctuate. Applications like industrial control and home automation are examples of two environments where the ability to configure and make devices smarter for monitoring purposes is a must.