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RDS Displays 16:9 Wide Aspect Ratio - News

January 25, 2024

Review Display Systems (RDS) introduced a 21.5-inch TFT display module from Chefree Technology Corporation, the C23061500501-215H. The module boasts full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), a 16:9 wide aspect ratio, and vertical alignment (VA) mode display technology for enhanced optical performance and broad viewing angles.


Has RDS Designed the Perfect Android Based Smart TFT Display for You? - News

December 16, 2022

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Review Display Systems (RDS) released its 10.1-inch IPS TFT LCD smart display module, the DMG10600T101-33WTC, leveraging a Rockchip RK3288 ARM-based System on Chip (SoC) and utilizing a 32-bit Cortex A-17 core operating on Android OS.


High-Resolution TFT Designed for HMI Applications - News

October 05, 2022

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Review Display Systems Inc. (RDS) introduced the new 12.1-inch P-series NL12880BC20-32F display module from Tianma with WXGA resolution (1280 x 800 pixels), 16:9 aspect ratio, and optical performance (contrast ratio of 1000:1, brightness specification of 1100cd/m²) while integrating Tianma’s IPS (in-plane switching) SFT (Super Fine TFT) technology.


RDS Releases TFT Display Modules: High-Performance, Small Package - News

September 20, 2022

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Review Display Systems (RDS) released a range of high-performance, small form factor TFT display modules for optical precision and contains an in-plane switching IPS technology. Reliable image reproduction and color diffusion from all angles is included. The TFT display modules has a contrast ratio from 500:1 to 800:1.


Micro-ATX Motherboards Designed for Continuous Operation in Industrial Environments - News

August 17, 2022

Display solutions and embedded systems provider, Review Display Systems (RDS) announced the introduction of a new family of industrial motherboards from embedded computing technology supplier, Kontron.


A New Generation of Enhanced Projected Capacitive Touch Solutions from Review Display System - News

June 24, 2022

Display solutions and embedded systems provider, Review Display Systems (RDS) announced the availability of a new generation of projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens from leading touch solutions specialist AMT.


Extensive Range of 7.0-inch TFT Display Modules Released from RDS - News

April 08, 2022

Review Display Systems (RDS) announced availability of a complete range of industrial specification, wide aspect ratio 7.0-inch TFT display modules.