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Software & OS

Nuclei Studio IDE Now Available with SEGGER’s emRun Runtime Library for RISC-V - News

April 22, 2022

SEGGER and Nuclei Technology, a China-based RISC-V processor IP and solution company, announced that the Nuclei Studio IDE now comes integrated with SEGGER's emRun runtime library.

Software & OS

SEGGER Makes C++ Library Available for Licensing - News

April 22, 2022

SEGGER’s emRun++ is a C++ library fully compatible with the modern 2017 standard. It is used and proven in SEGGER’s multi-platform Embedded Studio IDE for RISC-V and Arm and is now available for licensing to toolchain vendors.

Open Source

SEGGER Releases New Embedded Studio for RISC-V with Hard Real-Time C++ Support - News

April 04, 2022

SEGGER’s Embedded Studio for RISC-V, Version 6, now uses real-time memory management which improves efficiency and response time when allocating and freeing up memory, satisfying requirements for hard real-time in applications written in C++.

Open Source

SEGGER Collaborates with HPMicro Making Embedded Studio for RISC-V Available at No Cost - News

March 11, 2022

SEGGER announced its partnership with HPMicro Semiconductor Inc. (HPMicro). The partnership focuses on making SEGGER’s multi-platform IDE Embedded Studio available, free of charge, to all HPMicro’s customers using HPM6000 series RISC-V microcontrollers, boosting the RISC-V ecosystem. 

Debug & Test

SEGGER J-Link Software Now Available for Microsoft Windows on Arm - News

December 20, 2021

Following Microsoft recently announcing Windows on Arm, SEGGER has released a J-Link software package specifically for this platform. It can be downloaded and used with all J-Link and J-Trace units at no cost.


SEGGER Embedded Studio Supports RISC-V RV64I/E/GC 64-bit CPUs - News

December 09, 2021

Support for RV64I, RV64E, and RV64GC with floating-point unit RISC-V CPUs has been added to the latest version of SEGGER Embedded Studio. The 64-bit CPU IP cores will benefit from SEGGER emRun C/C++ runtime, emFloat floating-point libraries, SEGGER Linker, and SEGGER Compiler, which combine in the environment to help developers generate compact, efficient code.

Software & OS

SEGGER Announces embOS-Ultra with Cycle-Resolution Timing - News

November 05, 2021

SEGGER introduced embOS-Ultra, a new RTOS using Cycle-resolution Timing, designed to eliminate the periodic tick interrupt used by traditional RTOS.