SEGGER Ratifies its Embedded Studio Libraries

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 21, 2022


Image Provided by SEGGER

SEGGER released its revised Embedded Studio including source code and on-demand design of the integrated C runtime library, emRun, and C++ library, emRun++. "Embedded Studio automatically fine-tunes emRun and emRun++ for size-optimized code or speed-optimized code or a balance of both, to fit the needs of most developers,” says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER.

The newest Embedded Studio has the addition of complete transparency to all components of a platform with no unknown variables in a library. The entire code is available for review, verification, and help with certification. SEGGER’s software enables first time builds and installs of the libraries being used while minimizing disk space needed and engaging in a reduced download size and installation time*.

Segger continues, "With access to the source code, developers can now also configure the libraries to suit a specific hardware and project. On flexible architectures, such as RISC-V , firmware will benefit  from a specific runtime library.” The emRun is a full C runtime library, that includes SEGGER’s emFloat floating point library designed and optimized for hand-coded assembly optimizations for Arm and RISC-V cores. emRun++ provides C++ support for the C++17 standard.

Embedded Studio leverages Linux, macOS and Windows.

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*(A generalized download size ranges from 400MB to less than 250MB.)

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