SEGGER Introduces Streaming Trace Probe for SiFive RISC-V Cores

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 01, 2022


SEGGER Introduces Streaming Trace Probe for SiFive RISC-V Cores

Monheim am Rhein, Germany – The entire E-Series of SiFive RISC-V cores with the BTM trace module are now supported by SEGGER’s J-Trace PRO with streaming trace, Live Code Profiling, and Live Code Coverage.

Real-time, continuous streaming trace over USB is enabled by the J-Trace PRO RISC-V with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 for data processing from a target device and extended data capture over time with no trace data limit.

“Streaming trace is the ultimate key technology in code optimization,” says Ivo Geilenbruegge, Managing Director of SEGGER. “Some of our most demanding customers, including SEGGER’s own in-house engineers, use the J-Trace PRO for code optimization and verification. We are delighted that we can also make this experience available to developers working with SiFive RISC-V cores.”

For test verification, J-Trace PRO also supports Live Code Profiling to provide information about code coverage, frequently executed instructions, and instructions that have or have not been executed, enabling users to confront runtime hotspots and improve efficiency. When running the code coverage analysis side by side with a test suite, users can see which parts of the applications have been ran through the test. Additionally, SEGGER’s Ozone debugger for documentation and analysis can be used to execute profiles.

Overall, J-Trace PRO provides signature streaming, real-time features, and includes features of J-Link, such as high-performance flashloaders, up to 4 MB/s download speed, and an unlimited number of breakpoints in the flash memory of MCUs.

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