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Could Remastering Silicon Be the Answer to the Global Chip Shortage? - Blog

October 03, 2022

There hasn’t been another time in recent memory where semiconductors have become as critical to fueling the electronics industry’s economic framework. This has become abundantly clear with the global chip shortage, which continues to distress industry sectors from automotive to consumer electronics.


Fueling the Next Phase of Semiconductor Innovation Through the Cloud - Blog

August 09, 2022

With growing compute requirements and tighter design schedules, semiconductor companies are constantly being tested to deliver both complex functionality and exceptional performance very quickly. Irrespective of where the customer is in their cloud journey, designers need to drive greater productivity and efficiency for complex chip design flows.


How Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics Uncover Actionable Chip Design Insights - Story

June 29, 2022

With increasing SoC and system complexity, shrinking market windows, and growing engineering resource challenges, anything that can improve chip design productivity—not to mention the associated chip quality—can give you a significant edge over your competitors.


Synopsys Launches the Era of Smarter SoC Design with ML-Driven Big Data Analytics Technology - News

June 01, 2022

Synopsys announced a critical expansion of its EDA data analytics portfolio with the introduction of Synopsys DesignDash design optimization solution.


How the Rise of Data Center Disaggregation Creates Demand for Co-Packaged Optics - Blog

May 24, 2022

From online transactions to streaming videos and big data analytics, data centers are proving to be the workhorses of our smart, connected world. Higher volumes of data coupled with increasingly complex data are causing a shift in data center architectures. A new trend has emerged in data center architectures to address these two underlying forces: data center disaggregation.

Networking & 5G

The Importance of Standards in the Evolution Towards 800G Ethernet and Beyond - Blog

May 03, 2022

Standards like Ethernet, along with the engineers whose dedicated work creates them, enable a myriad of benefits for our digital world. From smartphones to smart home systems and beyond, these devices work as well as they do because of their native compatibility to universal interface standards that support seamless inter-device communication.