Strategic Partnership: Syslogic and Nvidia are paving the way for AI in the industry

November 07, 2019


Strategic Partnership: Syslogic and Nvidia are paving the way for AI in the industry

Embedded specialist Syslogic and chip manufacturer Nvidia are entering into a strategic partnership.

Nvidia, leading manufacturer of AI-enabled processor technology, and embedded specialist Syslogic are entering into a strategic partnership. The new addition is a Syslogic component by Nvidia's partner program Jetson Ecosystem. Nvidia lists companies that promote the development of products based on the Jetson platform and thus pave the way for AI applications. Thanks to the new partnership with Syslogic, Nvidia's processor technology will be increasingly used in the rough industrial environments.

AI meets Embedded

As an AI pioneer Nvidia currently offers three processor families with different performance capabilities with its Jetson platform - Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2 and Jetson AGX Xavier. They are ideal for network perimeter AI applications.

Embedded specialist Syslogic in turn looks back on more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of ultra-rugged industrial computers.

The goal of both companies is to pave the way for AI applications in the embedded market. Specifically, Syslogic offers embedded systems with Nvidia technology that were designed for use in construction and agricultural machinery, in trains, in mining vehicles, and for traffic engineering or smart city applications.

Syslogic is one of the world's first companies to offer ultra-rugged industrial computers based on Nvidia processor technology. The current product portfolio includes various embedded computers based on Nvidia's Jetson-TX2 processor module. Syslogic will also present an AI rugged computer based on the Jetson AGX Xavier platform at the upcoming SPS trade show in Nuremberg. A device that meets the IP67 protection class and is currently the most robust device with an Nvidia processor.

Open source libraries and developer kits for a quick start

Syslogic and Nvidia want to make AI integration as easy as possible for its customers. Therefore, all Syslogic AI embedded systems are delivered with a pre-installed Ubuntu board support package (L4T - Linux for Tegra). Additionally, a complete developer environment (JetPack) including Nvidia CUDA libraries is installed. The Nvidia software development kit (SDK) and a deep learning framework for easy implementation of applications are available for a quick introduction to the AI world.

Michael Jung, Product Manager at Syslogic, says: "Nvidia is one of the market leaders in the field of AI." The ecosystem of existing open source libraries is correspondingly large, according to Jung. In addition, Nvidia provides cost-effective but fully equipped developer kits for a quick start. Companies can start very early with software development and later finalize the hardware portion with Syslogic.

According to Michael Jung, Syslogic is currently receiving many customer inquiries for the AI embedded systems. Jung says: "We will make an important contribution to establishing the Jetson processor families in the industry."