Axivion Suite Enables Continuous Quality for an Agile DevOps World

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 13, 2022


Axivion Suite Enables Continuous Quality for an Agile DevOps World

At embedded world 2022, Axivion, a provider of software solutions for static code analysis and protection from software erosion, will present the latest release of Axivion Suite.

The tool suite for static code analysis and architecture verification now offers a convenient project setup wizard allowing more DevOps integration options and a broader rule coverage for more software security and freedom from interference. Embedded software developers for automotive, industrial or medical applications, among others, can use Axivion Suite to automate their code and architecture analyses and continuously optimize their legacy and newly created code in terms of quality and security.

Version 7.4 of Axivion Suite provides several new features and practical optimizations: For example, the new project setup wizard makes configuring the tool suite in the individual build environment easier than ever before. The user-friendly dashboard and IDE plugins enable local software analyses that relieve the complex daily workflows of developers and testers. Furthermore, the latest release includes an AzureDevOps plugin, for smooth and easy technical integration into existing CI pipelines and DevOps environments. To increase software quality and security, Axivion Suite 7.4 extends its metrics coverage to include CQM as well as other additions for detecting errors and security vulnerabilities as defined in CWE and CERT® C.

Axivion Suite also checks “traditionally” according to standards such as AUTOSAR C++14 and MISRA and can be individually extended to include customer-specific coding guidelines. Additional checks reveal clones, cyclic dependencies, dead or unreachable code in the software and thus help to stop software erosion. Via continuous as well as automatic static code analysis and architecture verification, Axivion Suite helps to better structure and simplify the workflow of embedded software developers, software architects and test engineers. The result is a high-quality code base for safe and reliable software and the avoidance of technical debt.

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