Chenbro Launches RM252/RM352 Short Depth Edge Computing Server Chassis Series for Business Acceleration in an Increasingly 5G Connected World

August 06, 2021

Press Release

Chenbro Launches RM252/RM352 Short Depth Edge Computing Server Chassis Series for Business Acceleration in an Increasingly 5G Connected World

Leading 2U expandable server chassis and 3U GPGPU server chassis for edge computing applications.

Chenbro, a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of own-brand rackmount system, is pleased to announce the RM252 and RM352 series, its latest short depth 2U and 3U edge computing server chassis, to support complex industrial applications in the 5G era.

Extraordinary, Flexible I/O Design for Edge Computing Applications

Empowered by optimized I/O design, both RM252 and RM352 series offer FIO (Front I/O) and RIO (Rear I/O) connectivity to meet user applications and market demands. FIO is specifically designed for user access to the motherboard coastline, add-on card connectors, disk drawers, LEDs and buttons, AC inlet, and redundant power modules from the same side, providing for easy deployment.

RM252 series supports up to three full-height or seven low-profile PCIe expansion slots in a single GPU (more for FPGA accelerator cards) optimized for maximizing computing performance in edge sites for distributed and open IT infrastructure. While the RM352 supports full-height PCIe expansion slots for GPU or FPGA accelerator cards, the series is optimized for machine learning in edge sites for central office and base station applications.

450mm Ultra-short Chassis and Tool-less Design

Supporting a dual-socket server board in SSI EEB, the 450mm ultra-short chassis is ideal for various environments and perfect for footprint minimization. Equipped with the latest tool-less design, easy HDD trays, system fans, PCIe riser, and CRPS for hot-swappable power redundancy, both 2U and 3U server chassis enable higher uptime assurance and easier maintenance. With a built-in cable and airflow management kit, high performance and flexible thermal solution, the RM252 and RM352 series provide flexible cooling fan configurations for complete support of applications in any critical environment.

Edge Computing: The Key for 5G Applications

The increasingly connected world looks to obtain faster, deeper, and more actionable business intelligence. Leveraging a new type of network architecture is unavoidable, extending cloud compute resources to the edge of mobile networks to utilize the power of 5G and edge computing. Chenbro welcomes business acceleration to an ever-connected world by delivering reliable products to fulfill server and telecommunication industry standard. RM252 and RM352 series are precisely designed for FIO/RIO convertible ultra-compact edge computing application scenarios for telecom.

5G and edge computing are inextricably linked technologies, both set to significantly increase application performance and allow real-time data processing. While mobile edge computing is a key technology towards 5G, Chenbro's off-the-shelf (OTS) chassis enables rapid development of the edge computing ecosystem for telecom data centers. The RM252 and RM352 series allow operators to significantly reshape their backhaul business model by restructuring the data center landscape from power, cooling, and connectivity infrastructure to ruggedized containers and micro data center form factors.

Chenbro Servers Chassis: Built for 5G Edge

Building the next-generation data center requires the right selection of edge computing servers specific for throughput and performance deployment requirements. Chenbro's product offerings include highly configurable server chassis to place the computing infrastructure strategically closer to the data generation endpoint, effectively overcoming cloud-related challenges.

Designed to target distinct sets of 5G edge requirements, Chenbro RM252 and RM352 series expand operators' white box base station hardware choice for O-RAN and the telco edge to meet high availability and carrier-grade network needs. Chenbro edge computing lines enable greater business agility for communication service providers.

RM252 and RM352 series are OTS products ready for global sale. For business inquiries, please contact Chenbro regional sales or channel partner.

For more information, please visit Chenbro.