MyRadar Tracks Weather at CES 2024

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 08, 2024


Las Vegas, Nevada. MyRadar will be showcasing its “Powered by MyRadar'' during its stay at CES 2024. Powered by MyRadar gives designers the capability to embed environmental data into apps and software solutions with off-the-shelf customizable applications, APIs, and software development kits. Also offered is MetDesk, where users can talk to a real-time meteorologist on demand.

MyRadar CEO Andy Green offered, “With MyRadar’s APIs you can integrate weather information throughout your organization to improve customer service, decision-making, and resiliency, ultimately leading to an improved bottom line.”

Abilities Include

  • Powered by MyRadar APIs:

    • Access and integrate weather information directly into products, websites, and apps
  • RouteCast and Road Weather:

    • Easy and seamless access to weather and road conditions along any route
  • MyRadar Observations:

    • MyRadar has partnered with leading IoT weather sensor providers to provide local observations and the ground truth of what’s happening at the moment
  • Push Notifications:

    • Get the most timely weather alerts commercially available today, similar to the ones offered in the MyRadar app and tailored to the needs of your organization
  • MetDesk Services:

    • Consult with MyRadar’s award-winning meteorologists on-demand
  • MyRadar Enterprise:

    • Customize the MyRadar app to enable your team to make better weather-based decisions
  • SDKs:

    • Integrate stunning data visualizations into your app, website, or product

“We use Powered by MyRadar to maintain comfort levels at all of our client sites, including five-star hotels and resorts around the world, academic campuses, agricultural operations and more,” says David Codding, President of SAI. “By integrating MyRadar’s APIs into our backend processes, our HVAC systems can automatically respond not only to current conditions but also predict and manage temperatures in advance of weather changes. This not only makes our systems more effective and efficient but helps the systems and personnel of our clients.”

Powered by MyRadar will be available for a variety of commercial applications and industries, including energy, agriculture, automotive, app development, retail, logistics, and insurance.

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