NVMe Unlocks Data Access And Analysis At The Source With High-Speed Storage Primed For Edge Intelligence

February 07, 2022


NVMe Unlocks Data Access And Analysis At The Source High-Speed Storage Primed For Edge IntelligenceMaximizing data value and usefulness requires a smart data strategy. As industries work to capitalize on the deluge of data generated by intelligent, connected devices, and intelligent data strategy has never been more critical. Enter edge computing, playing an essential role in addressing this challenge by enabling access and analytics close to the data source, a real transformation from the once pure cloud focus in Big Data processing. Yet the edge itself continues to evolve, with more demanding, realtime industrial computing redefining it as the rugged edge – environments where the combination of high- performance computing and real-time data is changing the way industrial businesses operate and compete. NVM Express™️ (NVMe™️) is a crucial enabling technology for the rugged edge, reducing latency and accelerating data processing to the point at which artificial intelligence, machine learning, and inference computing are realities anywhere a connected device can operate. This paper will explore the technical benefits of NVMe, elevated by advancements such as fanless design and hotswappable capabilities, that add critical value to the rugged edge. Offering brief scenarios in settings such as industrial automation, telematics, transportation, surveillance, smart retail, and more, this paper will illustrate how real-time data access and analytics are turning rugged edge computing into a competitive necessity.

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