Codasip Will Discuss its SecuRISC5 Initiative at the RISC-V Summit

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 12, 2022


RISC-V Summit, San Jose. Codasip announced its SecuRISC5 for reliable custom compute that utilizes reference designs merging Codasip IP and third-party technology. The recently launched Codasip Labs1 will recognize openings where SecuRISC5 will be attentive, a hub, and a coordinator of pan-industry collaboration.

Jamie Broome, Vice President of Automotive and Products, Codasip, commented: “Security is the ‘feature’ that people often fail to see the value in, but everyone knows they need. Another important aspect is that without security, there is no safety, and we are therefore adopting a holistic approach. We will help our customers integrate RISC-V safety and security by providing more than secure cores."

RISC-V security developments are being accelerated thanks to Codasip’s acquisition of Cerberus Security Labs1. Codasip is currently collaborating with its partners to design a comprehensive and secured RISC-V environment. John Hartley, Chief Commercial Officer of Crypto Quantique, said: “Crypto Quantique and Codasip share a mission of enabling seamless end-to-end security for RISC-V. For a device to be fully secure, security must be considered from the start of a development project. It also needs to be scalable and future-proof to ensure systems are protected from all threats for the lifecycle of the device. The only way to manage this is by working together as an industry to ensure security by design. We welcome this initiative from Codasip.”

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1Read more on Codasip Labs and the merger here.

*Ron Black, Codasip CEO, will be talking about the fundamental disconnect in safety and security during his spotlight presentation to the RISC-V Summit in San Jose on 13 December 2022. Technology previews of secure IP features and end-to-end IoT security will be showcased at Codasip’s booth.

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