Mouser New Product of the Week: Intel 5th Gen Xeon® Processors

July 08, 2024

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Mouser New Product of the Week: Intel 5th Gen Xeon® Processors

Data centers and enterprise environments require powerful processors for several critical reasons. These environments are increasingly tasked to support large and complex workloads, advanced virtualization support and cloud computing, AI-optimized features, advanced security features, and much more.

To meet and keep up with modern demands, processors must possess the performance mentioned above gains across various tasks such as generative AI, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), image classification, general compute, HPC, and more.

The Intel 5th Gen Xeon Processors in Action

The Intel 5th Gen Xeon® Processors are designed to do just that. Supporting up to 5,600MT/s (1DPC) of DDR5 memory, the processors enable higher data transfer rates and an overall performance improvement for memory-intensive applications. Additionally, the processors include an increased shared last-level cache with up to 320MB shared across all cores.

Further performance enhancements include inter-socket bandwidth with Intel UPI 2.0 to provide up to 20GT/s. Memory communication and capacity is also enhanced with low-latency communication with CPU via Compute Express Link (CXL) Type 1 or 2 devices, and expansion with CXL Type 3 devices for increased in-system memory bandwidth.

For storage and data management, the Intel 5th Gen Xeon processors feature RAID optimization via the Intel VROC, which eliminates the need for traditional RAID HBA cards designed for NVMe SSDs. The processors further support availability and data reliability with advanced RAS capabilities. And network performance is also optimized with Intel Ethernet 800 series network adapters.

Getting Started with the Intel 5th Gen Xeon Processors

For security, the processors support Intel TDX for VM-level workload isolation, Intel SGX for application-level workload isolation, and Intel On Demand for additional acceleration or security features.

In addition to security, the processors also offer firmware updates and monitoring tools with firmware updates, Intel Platform Monitoring Technology, and Intel RDT, as well as the ability to configure the CPU for specific workload needs via the Intel SST.

For a closer look into the Intel 5th Gen Xeon® Processors, Intel provides a one-minute breakdown of the solution below.

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