HZO Inc. Acquires Semblant Ltd. to Accelerate Expansion of Protective Coating and Waterproofing Solutions for Electronic Device Manufacturer

October 23, 2018

Press Release

HZO Inc. Acquires Semblant Ltd. to Accelerate Expansion of Protective Coating and Waterproofing Solutions for Electronic Device Manufacturer

Acquisition Enables HZO to Expand its Portfolio of Technologies to More Quickly Deliver Additional Protection Solutions to Existing and New Customers That Need to Protect Products from Water and...

HZO Inc., the world leader in advanced and scalable electronics waterproofing and protection solutions, announced today that it has acquired Semblant Ltd., a U.K.-based leader in protective nano coatings and waterproof technology. The acquisition enables HZO to more quickly introduce additional protection solutions to current and future customers of both companies. The company’s new Spectrum of Protection portfolio of solutions will enable greater flexibility to manufacturers looking to protect electronic components using a more diverse range of protective coating materials, equipment and processes.

HZO currently delivers advanced turnkey Parylene coating processes and manufacturing equipment, which are capable of protecting any electronic device from water and other damaging substances. With the acquisition, HZO will add Semblant’s unique plasma applied coatings to its expanded solution portfolio, enabling HZO to further innovate and deliver unmatched protection, scale and flexibility to protect any electronic device or component.

“Semblant was a natural fit for HZO as we look to efficiently expand our portfolio of protective coating solutions beyond Parylene and incorporate other processes such as plasma applied coatings,” said Simone Maraini, CEO, HZO. “Semblant has a strong history of demonstrating technology leadership in advanced plasma applied coating processes and adding their technology to our Spectrum of Protection will enable us to better meet manufacturers’ demands for highly effective and scalable electronics protection. As a result of this acquisition, we anticipate strong growth as we continue to work with many of the largest and most prominent electronic device manufacturers around the globe.”

In order to maintain functionality, electronics must be protected from destructive elements such as water, sweat, dirt, dust and other harmful substances. In the past, bulky mechanical seals and enclosures were required to protect electronics. However, HZO has developed advanced manufacturing techniques that enable manufacturers to protect electronic components using chemical components such as Parylene to reduce or completely eliminate the need for mechanical seals. HZO’s solutions are highly scalable for work in a number of industries including consumer electronics, industrial IoT, automotive, and more.

“The Semblant team and I are delighted to join HZO. With their strong track record of innovation and market penetration in the consumer electronics, industrial, and automotive space, my team and I look forward to helping HZO grow and deliver the world’s best waterproofing solutions to manufacturers,” said Simon McElrea, CEO, Semblant.

For more information about HZO and its Spectrum of Protection solutions, please visit www.hzo.com.