Best in Show Nominee: Andes Technology's AndesCore™ N25F-SE

March 09, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Andes Technology's AndesCore™ N25F-SE

AndesCore™ N25F-SE is a 32-bit CPU IP core that supports ISO 26262 ASIL B level functional safety for automotive applications. Approved based on the functional safety assignments of a Safety Element Out-of-Context (SEooC), which includes the ISO 26262 compliant development process and the qualitative approach with respect to hardware safety analysis, N25F-SE is certified to be used in safety-related applications.

It incorporates the Andes V5 extension instructions to further boost performance and reduce code size. The efficient 5-stage pipeline of the N25F-SE provides a good balance of high operating frequency and compact design. Its flexible interfaces greatly simplify SoC designs.

The N25F-SE processor is a RISC-V CPU IP with ISO 26262 full compliance and was developed under considerations on all applicable requirements of ISO 26262 standards. It is well suited for the wide range of applications requiring functional safety compliance and enables customers to not only speed up the path to using RISC-V in automotive safety-critical applications, but also reduce their customers’ time to market and development costs. Andes is proud of collaborating with RISC-V ecosystem partners to provide safety-enhanced automotive solutions.

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