Cars, Code, and ConferenCES 2023

January 19, 2023

Cars, Code, and ConferenCES 2023

On this episode of the Embedded Insiders, the weary team recounts their adventures at the recent CES show in Las Vegas. From software-defined vehicles to the Matter interoperability standard and everything in between, Brandon, Rich, and Associate Editor Tiera Oliver discuss their favorite show trends that will shape the tech world of tomorrow.


To read more about CES 2023, check out the “Floored: CES 2023 Slideshow Recap” series on Now, Tiera is joined by Pedro Lopez-Estepa, Director of Automotive at Real-Time Innovations to discuss the adoption of Software-Defined Vehicles.

Later, Pedro Lopez-Estepa of Real-Time Innovations joins to discuss how the connectivity company is preparing for the imminent vehicle architecture shifts that will be required to support the software-defined vehicles of the future. Not only will this transition impact the number and performance of onboard embedded processors, it will also reshape automotive value chains to the point that whoever controls the software supply chain controls the car.

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Finally, Rich and Vin are back with another edition of DevTalk, where they discuss why C is here to stay for the long haul despite the popularity of scripting languages like Python and JavaScript.