Exascend Industrial-grade PCIe Gen4 x4 PI4 Series E1.S SSD

June 16, 2022


Image Provided by Exascend, Inc.

Exascend's PI4 E1.S is the world's first-ever rugged E1.S SSD.

Launched in late 2021 in a lineup of Exascend's industrial-grade PCIe NVMe Gen4 SSDs, the rugged E1.S SSD marks a significant step forward in the company's mission to deliver enterprise-class performance across applications that demand industrial-grade flash storage solutions. At the same power input, E1.S SSDs deliver better thermal performance. This leads to improved energy efficiency and product longevity. The E1.S lineup boasts low power draw, full-disk encryption, and high sustained PCIe performance in storage capacities up to 7,680 GB.

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