Cognata to Display Large-Scale, Hardware-in-the-Loop Autonomous Vehicle Simulation at GTC

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


March 19, 2019


Cognata to Display Large-Scale, Hardware-in-the-Loop Autonomous Vehicle Simulation at GTC

Cognata's scenario and traffic models supported on NVIDIA DRIVE constellation cloud-based AV validation platform.

San Jose, CA. Cognata, Ltd. will be working with NVIDIA to deliver various scenario and traffic models for validation employing large-scale, hardware-in-the-loop simulation. The companies will be exhibiting the integration at GTC this week in booth #149 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, March 18-21.

DRIVE Constellation is designed to produce millions of miles of AV testing in bit-accurate simulation with the help of two different servers. The first server operates DRIVE SIM software to simulate a self-driving vehicle’s sensors, while server number two includes the powerful DRIVE AGX Pegasus AI car computer, processing the simulated data reflecting what would happen if the car were really driving on the open road.  

Cognata’s solution employs AI, deep learning, and computer vision to generate an accurate traffic scenario with virtual cars mirroring what would happen in the real world.

“Cognata and NVIDIA are creating a robust solution that will efficiently and safely accelerate autonomous vehicles’ market entry,” said Danny Atsmon, Cognata’s CEO. “Highly accurate and scalable traffic model simulation technology is essential to validate autonomous vehicle systems within nearly infinite combinations of real-world scenarios.”

“NVIDIA and Cognata share the vision of using large-scale, cloud-based, open simulation to thoroughly and safely train and test self-driving cars under endless challenging situations,” said NVIDIA’s GM, Zvi Greenstein. “This offering will help accelerate the safe deployment of autonomous vehicles.”

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