Car Connectivity Consortium Welcomes STMicroelectronics

May 28, 2019

Press Release

Car Connectivity Consortium Welcomes STMicroelectronics

Top supplier to smartphone and automotive markets supports increased convenience, safety, and security at the intersection of two vital markets.

Geneva, Switzerland. STMicroelectronics joined the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), contributing its technology portfolio that includes many segments conducive for automotive connectivity such as ST25 NFC readers, ST33 Secure Elements, STA12 Accordo infotainment processors, STA13 Telemaco vehicle processors, and Stellar vehicle gateway/domain microcontrollers.

“Smartphones have become productivity and convenience extensions of busy professionals and consumers—whether as voice-activated personal assistants, personal wallets, or as navigators—and they are a natural and safe appliance to ID and unlock doors for the owner, adjust the seat, tune the radio, and personalize the car for their comfort and preference,” said STMicroelectronics’ Director Standardization Microcontrollers and Digital ICs Group, Joel Huloux. “As a leading long-time, trusted supplier to the top players in both the smartphone and automotive industries, ST shares an interest in the mission of the CCC, which aims to make it possible and hassle-free to simply connect and ride and we’ve joined the group to lend our expertise and gain from the rest of the players.”     

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