Miniaturized AEC-Q200-Compliant Inductors for In-Vehicle PoC Systems

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 09, 2021


Miniaturized AEC-Q200-Compliant Inductors for In-Vehicle PoC Systems

Murata has announced the availability of its LQW21FT_0H series.

According to the company, the LQW21FT_0H series features the world’s smallest inductors with broadband impedance for in-vehicle power-over-coax (PoC) circuit of SerDes-based interfacing. The product line is AEC-Q200 compliant and delivers broadband impedance and high-current performance. The inductors are available in a compact 0805 inch case size with 2mm x 1.2mm x 1.6mm dimensions.

The LQW21FT_0H series is suitable for PoC functions. In addition increased broadband impedance levels, the inductors exhibit saturation properties. Inductance values from 0.47 µH to 2 µH can be specified, with respective current ratings of 1 A and 0.45 A. Further, heightened operating temperatures make them well-suited for automotive applications up to 125°C. 

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