Product of the Week: APLEX’s PhanTAM Stainless Steel Panel PC and Display Solution Series

September 06, 2022

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Product of the Week: APLEX’s PhanTAM Stainless Steel Panel PC and Display Solution Series

Rugged and lightweight are two characteristics not commonly associated together in industrial applications. But if you’re able to find a solution that combines these features, they can provide ease of use and flexibility for a diverse range of not only industrial, but also medical and consumer applications that regularly require this ergonomic usability in their mechanical designs.

At the intersection of hygiene, robustness, flexibility, and high performance, you'll find the APLEX Technology Inc. PhanTAM stainless steel panel PCs and displays that bring all the abilities of 11th generation Intel® Core i3/5 processors to applications like clean rooms, food and beverage, and chemical processing.


Impervious to 100-bar water jets and dust particulates thanks to IP66 and IP69K ratings, the APLEX PhanTAM True Flat Front Bezel 15.6" or 21.5" LCD TFT screens are housed in SUS304 or SUS316 stainless steel enclosures but remain ultra-slim and ultra-light. Ingress protections are reinforced by hygienic bolts and a blue silicone rubber O-ring, while waterproof M12 connectors ensure that environmental immunity is extended to the platform I/Os as well.


These onboard I/Os include:

  • 1x HDMI
  • 1x VGA
  • 2x USB2.0
  • 1x COM
  • 1x LAN
  • On-screen display (OSD) controller
  • Two expansion slots that support additional capabilities via plug-in modules of the user's choice


The PhanTAM Panel PC Series In Action

The PhanTAM Panel PC series also supports LTE wireless communications through a NANO-SIM port and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi 6 via an optional M.2 E-key slot. An RFID module is another optional design-in.

While this may seem imprudent given the environments and applications in question, the system wraps these antennas in waterproof covers that provide a level of protection against bending and simplify cleaning.


The onboard 11th generation Intel® processors provide all of the visual computing performance needed for clean, immersive display experiences by integrating multiple CPU cores alongside UHD Graphics, which provides 32 execution units that run at up to 350 MHz. The processors are compatible with DirectX 12.1, OpenGL 4.6, and OpenCL 3.0 APIs to support the broadest array of workloads possible and integrate the Intel® Quick Sync Video conversion feature that helps optimize performance.

The devices are also responsible for driving the APLEX panel PC’s resistive and projected capacitive touchscreens.

Despite this horsepower, the 11th generation Intel® devices operate in the 45W and below power consumption range that allows the PhanTAM displays to operate in industrial-grade temperatures up to 80ºC.

The Core® i3/i5 processors include up to 64 GB of 3200 MHz 2x 260-pin SO-DIMM memory. An M-Key 2280 is also available for SSD storage.

Getting Started with the PhanTAM Series

The PhanTAM series comes with a variety of flexible mounting options that makes it easy to deploy even in awkward of settings. It can be oriented in landscape or portrait mode and installed using VESA wall, floor, stand, desktop, or swing arm mount, the latter of which supports a cable storage kit to help prevent the accumulation of dust on display/panel PC peripherals.

Additionally, the platforms’ 9~36V wide-input voltage range means you can plug into just about any industrial environment.

For more information on the APLEX Technology PhanTAM series of displays and Panel PCs, visit,, or check out the resources below.

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