DEV KIT WEEKLY: Maxim Integrated Health Sensor Platform 3.0 Kit

April 23, 2021


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Of course the heart of the kit is the MAX86176 optical photoplethysmogram and electrocardiogram/electroencephalography  biopotential measurement analog front end (AFE) – AKA the two-in-one ECG and PPG sensor. The MAX86176 is a clinical-grade, dual-channel data acquisition system that integrates an ADC to combines fine-grained resolution with ultra-low power consumption. It features a 256-word FIFO, dedicated signal paths for ECG and PPG measurement data, two configurable interrupts, and both SPI and I2C interfaces.

The kit’s MCUs are both power sensitive, but just to make sure batteries don’t drain to quickly in the wearable applications in question, the kit also includes the MAX20360 power-management IC that contains three step-down outputs, three step-up outputs, and three LDO outputs for maximum power efficiency and reliability.

But what about the wireless part of this design? After all, it will be streaming data somewhere, like a phone or something else that makes use of Bluetooth, right? Well, raw data and algorithm outputs from the HSP3.0 make it to your development PC by pairing with this Cypress Semiconductor CY5677 CYSMART BLE USB dongle. Simply plug this into your development PC, download and install the MAXREFDES104SW PC GUI program, and start logging data from the HSP3.0’s various sensors or the onboard accelerometer that’s a must-have for any wearable device.

Whoa. That’s a lot to fit on one wrist. It’s also all for now, because in order to get one of these you’ll have to fill out an NDA before purchasing. You can do that on the MAXREFDES104 page of the Maxim website.

Or, you can try your hand in this week’s raffle by filling out the form below, and potentially add this smart watch to your wardrobe for free. Remember, anyone in the world can register for a chance to win between now and the end of May.


We at Dev Kit Weekly, and obviously the folks over at Maxim, hope you’re staying safe and healthy out there. Good luck in this week’s raffle, and we’ll see you next week on Dev Kit Weekly.