Dev Kit Weekly: Sona IF573 from Laird Connectivity

November 03, 2023

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This DevKit is the first of the Sona WiFi 6/ 6E product line from Laird and it’s based on Infineon’s AIROC CYW55573 chipset. It’s an industrial IoT module to its core: rugged, small, globally certified, reliable connectivity, and easy integration.

Sona IF573 is designed for next-gen wireless Industrial IoT, and includes access to both PCIE and SDIO interfaces, latest generation WiFi and Bluetooth, and is resilient to a wide range of environmental conditions. It has both pluggable card and SMT M.2 packaging, it supports Android, and the Laird Linux Backports package supports many Linux kernels including v6.1.x

It has an Integrated Power Amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier with 2x2 MU-MIMO antenna for reliable connectivity in harsh RF environments, and robust Tri-band 802.11ax WiFi 6E and Dual-Mode BT v5.4. Support for the 6GHz spectrum. Of course it supports the latest WPA3 security standards.

If you want to find out more about the Sona IF573 from Laird Connectivity, click here to visit Laird. If you'd like your own Sona IF573, you can enter the raffle below for a chance to win one absolutely free. Good luck!

That's all for this edition of DevKit Weekly. Thank you for reading (and watching)!

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