Mirabilis Design’s SEAL Teaches Tech Innovations to Everyone

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 16, 2023


Santa Clara, CA and Chennai, India. Mirabilis Design Inc, revealed its Semiconductor and Embedded Systems Architecture Labs (SEAL). SEAL is designed as a learning platform for anyone interested in strengthening their theoretical and software competences with hands-on and visualization learning. It supports curriculum integration with a combination of trusted content on standards and applications such as VisualSim Cloud Graphical Simulation Platform, brain storming questions, and answer keys.

"There are a large number of standards, architecture variations and configurations in electronics.", says Deepak Shankar Founder at Mirabilis Design Inc. "For a university or training center to support all these, they would need to procure 100's of prototypes, invest in experts to develop and present based on the student ability.  This is extremely expensive, requires long schedule to deploy, need a large resource team, requires constant updates and a large laboratory.  SEAL can be deployed immediately."

Currently, 56 universities are experimenting with SEAL’s trial period of 85 applications including: AI, SoC, ADAS, Radars, SDR, IoT, Data Center, Communication,and Cyber Physical Systems. 

67 standards are included, some of which are UCIe, PCIe6.0, Gigabit Ethernet, DDR5, and processors from ARM, RISC-V, Power and x86.

Examples of Taught Curriculum

  • What is the throughput degradation of multi-die UCIe based SoC versus an AXI based SoC?
  • How does autonomous driving timing deadlines change between multi-ECUs vs single HPC ECU?
  • How much power is consumed in different orbits of a multi-role satellites?
  • Which technology is more suitable for a flight avionics system- PCIe or Ethernet?

To  start learning more, or to sign up, visit mirabilisdesign.com/seal/


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