Road to embedded world '23: Campbell, California, Atmosic

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 07, 2023


Road to embedded world '23: Campbell, California, Atmosic

If you are in the market for ultra-low power wireless and energy harvesting solutions, visit booth 4A-639 to peruse Atmosic’s newest innovations. The highlight of the booth will be the ATM33 family of high-performance SoCs. With Atmosic’s efficient energy solutions, network devices can last years on one battery, with some components creating enough energy to make batteries obsolete in specific use cases.

With advanced energy harvesting innovations, the ATM33 delivers a wider harvesting input range, lower cold start voltage, Lithium-Ion battery support, and low-power voice processing. The Atmosic Sensor Hub enables SoC’s to operate protocols including ability to access memory and transmit beacons in deep sleep.

Also on display will be Atmosic and Energous’ Wirelessly Powered Sensor Evaluation Kit showcasing Atmosic’s energy harvesting SoCs and Energous’ FCC-certified 1W WattUp PowerBridge transmitter. For further adoption and interoperability of RF as a energy source, the kit maintains the AirFuel Alliance RF Wireless Power and Charging Standard.

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