Best in Show Nominee: Memfault's IoT Reliability Platform

March 09, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Memfault's IoT Reliability Platform

Memfault’s IoT reliability platform accelerates go-to-market, derisks product launch, and cuts product costs. Memfault offers device reliability engineering tools (DREs) so developers can solve operational challenges via fleet observability, remote debugging, and smart firmware over-the-air (OTA) management. Memfault’s platform provides product, engineering, and support teams with deep insights into embedded device performance, irrespective of the hardware.

The Memfault platform is available for Linux, Android, RTOS, and bare metal devices. Memfault works across both high- and low-throughput transports, giving maximum flexibility through compatibility with virtually any connectivity protocol, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, LoRa, Thread, or Zigbee.

Memfault enables connected device developers to monitor device and fleet-level metrics, investigate issues in-depth, and repair them, all in real-time. Before Memfault, firmware engineers spent 40% - 60% of their time debugging elusive issues. Memfault provides DRE capabilities to monitor overall device fleet health, receive alerts for a specific issue and evaluate how widespread it is, remotely push out feature updates and patches to malfunctioning units, and maintain device- and fleet-level data for compliance and regulatory needs. Memfault does this before end-users become aware of issues, at a fraction of the cost of building a custom solution.

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