Create Your Own CBRS Network with MultiConnect Microcell for Remote Learning

November 24, 2020


Remote learning has become the new norm in the industry of education and with that comes the need for sufficient and consistent access regarding network connectivity. Whether a student is living in a city, suburb, low-income, or rural area, each requires access to resources which will enable them to succeed. With education and jobs being transitioned to the home space, companies involved in the communications industry must answer this question: “How are organizations trying to connect students today?”

Unfortunately, in some cases, where you live and what school you go to can determine what kind of education and tools you have access to. However, in this episode of Embedded Toolbox, Daniel Quant, Vice President of Strategic Deployment at MultiTech Systems will show us how students learning remotely, and school districts can deploy their own network using the MultiConnect® microcell. Quant will discuss the trials and deployments of CBRS and the benefits of essentially being connected via your own private or shared network.

The compact and robust communications platform from MultiTech connects into the computer via the USB, offering connectivity from your device, directly to a network. It also includes a Type A connector for users of Mac, Linux-based, Chromebooks, and more. The platform also features external antennas offering extra performance capabilities.

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