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Embedded Executive: Daniel Cooley, CTO, Silicon Labs - Video

June 22, 2022

Here at Embedded Computing Design, we spend a lot of time helping engineers/developers work through the pains of industrial designs.


Embedded Executive: Matt Johnson, President and CEO, Silicon Labs - Video

April 12, 2022

Matt Johnson was appointed President and CEO of Silicon Labs earlier this year.

AI & Machine Learning

The Blend of AI and IoT Wireless Connectivity - Blog

March 29, 2022

Emerging IoT technology contributes to the growth of OEMs in various sectors as it helps collect massive amounts of data from multiple sources. Although it is complex to collect, process, and analyze this load of data, the blend of AI with the help of IoT has the power to revamp the operation of industries, businesses and economies.


Silicon Labs Brings AI and Machine Learning to the Edge with Matter-Ready Platform - News

January 25, 2022

Silicon Labs announced the BG24 and MG24 families of 2.4 GHz wireless SoCs for Bluetooth and Multiple-protocol operations, respectively, and a new software toolkit. 

Open Source

Baumer, Infineon, Qualcomm Innovation Center, Percepio, and Silicon Labs Select Zephyr RTOS for their Next Generation of Products and Solutions - News

January 17, 2022

The Zephyr Project announced a milestone with Baumer joining as a Platinum member and Infineon Technologies, Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc., Percepio, and Silicon Labs joining as Silver members. 


Silicon Labs and Memfault Partner to Improve IoT Development and Operations with Embedded Observability and Debugging in the Cloud - News

December 17, 2021

 Silicon Labs and Memfault announced their partnership integrating enhanced development and operations management tools with Silicon Labs’ EFR32 and EFM32 devices.


Silicon Labs’ Z-Wave 800 Series SoCs and Modules Offer Long Range, Energy Efficiency, and Security - News

December 16, 2021

Silicon Labs announced that Z-Wave 800 system-on-chips (SoCs) and modules are now available for the Z-Wave smart home and automation ecosystem. Expanding the company’s Series 2 platform, the EFR32ZG23 (ZG23) SoCs and ZGM230S modules provide developers with sub-GHz connectivity for Z-Wave Mesh and Z-Wave Long Range, and can be used for smart home, multi-dwelling units (MDU), hospitality, and lighting applications, supporting both end devices and gateways.