Best in Show Nominee: Silicon Labs' FG25 and EFF01

March 09, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Silicon Labs' FG25 and EFF01

FG25 is the new flagship SoC for Wi-SUN, which is one of the world’s first open protocols for smart city and smart utility applications. By providing flexibility and versatility for large-scale IoT wireless communication networks, Wi-SUN is designed to make major community infrastructure scalable, safer, more efficient, and sustainable. EFF01 is the FG25’s corresponding front-end module that boosts the FG25’s signal range by 2x when used together.

Together, they are designed to provide the longest sub-gigahertz (GHz) transmission range in the industry with a theoretical signal range up to 3 kilometers in dense, urban canyon environments.

FG25 SoC will be the world’s most secure smart city solution with long range and the largest memory capacity of any SoC in the Silicon Labs portfolio. The EFF01 Front End Module (FEM) is a highly integrated Sub-GHz FEM designed to maximize the range of Sub-GHz networks. It is the first Sub-GHZ FEM with integrated power amplifier and low noise amplifier to enable a maximum power output of +30dBm. When used with our EFR32FG25 devices, the EFF01 can provide closed loop power control to minimize variation in transmit power and BOM optimization in a small form factor 4x4 QFN package.

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