Everactive Releases First Development Kit for Batteryless IoT

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 20, 2022


Everactive Releases First Development Kit for Batteryless IoT

Everactive’s new development kit enables third-party developers to build IoT products without batteries. The development kit features self-powered hardware and a managed network to provide physical-world data for hyperscale IoT, and includes two Everactive batteryless IoT devices with sensor suites designed to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, and triaxial acceleration.

The only source of power on the batteryless IoT sensors make use of a low-light indoor photovoltaic harvester. The IoT sensors have the ability to wirelessly deliver data only from harvested energy, therefore enabling the sensors to measure and wirelessly transmit data every 15 seconds. Everactive built their data delivery system to manage new real-world data sets using batteryless technology, allowing them to tackle both battery and networking issues in IoT.

The company is currently accepting orders for development kits and will begin shipping in November.

For more information, visit: https://everactive.com/

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