Knowles Precision Devices Debuts Enhanced Safety-Certified Surface Mount MLCC Product Line

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 22, 2021


Knowles Precision Devices Debuts Enhanced Safety-Certified Surface Mount MLCC Product Line

Knowles Precision Devices, a division of Knowles Corporation, introduced a new expanded range of safety-certified surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) for electronic device applications.

The new capacitors from Knowles offer customers a combination of capability and safety certification, and meet the demands of AEC-Q200 standards, modems, and AC-DC power supplies where a lightning strike or other voltage transients represent a threat to electronic equipment. 

Knowles Precision Devices’ safety-certified MLCCs comply with international UL and IEC/EN specifications, with certification by UL (inc. cUL) and TUV, to ensure safety requirements are met. Additional product benefits include simple pick-and-place assembly, a reduction in required board space, and a lower profile.  

The new capacitors have a high capacitance range of 4.7pF to 56nF, voltage ratings up to 305Vrms and meet class Y2/X1, X1 and X2 requirements. Within the different subclasses, Knowles Precision Devices offers four separate families of MLCCs with varying specifications. All sizes are available with the option of FlexiCap termination.Per the company,  FlexiCap, the company’s proprietary flexible epoxy polymer termination material, accommodates an ideal degree of board bending than conventional capacitors to reduce the risk of mechanical cracking.

Of note in the new range is the higher dielectric withstand voltages (DWV) of 4kVdc & 3kVrms, making these parts suitable for electric vehicle (EV) applications, especially 800V battery systems where an increased test voltage and safety margin is essential. The entire new range is available with AEC-Q200 qualification, an essential requirement for these applications. 

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