Murata Power Solutions Releases its PQU650M Series for the Healthcare Industry

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 21, 2021


Murata Power Solutions released its PQU650M series. The PQU650M series is utilizing open frame 650 Watt AC-DC converters designed for healthcare.

The PQU650M series has an efficiency rating of >95% and is accomplished by employing the latest LLC topology. The LLC topology allows for a high output power convection rating with zero airflow of 450 Watt and up to 650 Watt, with 300LFM of airflow.

The operating temperature range for the PQU650M is -30°C to +70°C ambient temperature (with deration above +50°C), over the full AC input voltage range of 90V – 264V AC, in a compact 4” x 6” U-Channel mechanical footprint.

According to Murata Power Solutions, the PQU650M series is certified to the IEC60601-1 3rd Ed Medical standard, meeting 2 x MOPP input to output, 1 x MOPP input to ground, and 1 x MOPP output to ground isolation with low levels of leakage current.

Suitable for both type “B” Body and type “BF” Body Floating applications, the PQU650M can be implemented for medical beds, ultrasound, blood analysis, and patient monitoring equipment in a healthcare/hospital environment.

The PQU650M series has single output voltage variants of 12v, 24v, 28v, 48v, and 54vDC with a +15% adjustment range. Included is also additional standby voltage’s of 5v at 0.5A and 12v at 0.6A. 

With the main output having a power surge capacity of up to 800 Watts for 30 seconds, it allows for transient load conditions. 

Further options include:

  • Supervisory signals (Power OK, remote sense, and on/off control) 
  • Safety Covers (vented top cover, optional fan cover for full output power capability)
  • Pluggable header style connectors

For more information on the PQU650M sereis, visit the data sheet at

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