Improving Applications with Highly Efficient Power Solutions

By Amy Anahory


MicroPower Direct

April 23, 2024


Improving Applications with Highly Efficient Power Solutions
Image Credit: MicroPower Direct

Efficiency is a critical metric used to quantify how effectively a system transforms electrical energy from one form to another. It's expressed as a percentage obtained by dividing the output power (usable electrical power delivered) by the input power (electrical power supplied). In essence, efficiency reflects a device or system's capability to minimize energy losses during conversion.

Higher efficiency translates directly to less wasted energy. This dissipated energy typically manifests as heat, which not only reduces overall system performance but also necessitates additional cooling solutions. Optimizing efficiency offers significant benefits, including a substantial reduction in energy consumption and operating costs.

This parameter plays a vital role across a wide range of electronic applications including power supply design, electric vehicles (where efficiency directly impacts driving range), renewable energy systems (where maximizing energy capture is paramount), and consumer electronics (where efficiency is linked to battery life and thermal management).

MicroPower Direct offers a comprehensive range of high-efficiency AC/DC and DC/DC power converters designed to minimize energy waste and maximize your system's potential. 


Understanding the Impact of Efficiency in AC/DC and DC/DC Converters

AC/DC Power Supplies

Cost savings due to reduced energy consumption:

  • A highly efficient AC/DC power supply minimizes wasted energy during the conversion process. This translates to lower electricity bills over time, especially for devices that operate continuously, where the power consumption directly impacts operating expenses.

Lower heat generation, reduced stress on the cooling system:

  • Lower efficiency power supplies dissipate more power in the form of heat, which can lead to thermal issues within the system. Increased heat within the system can cause components to operate outside their specified temperature ranges, potentially leading to performance degradation or failure. Less heat generation from the power supply itself reduces the need for additional cooling systems within the device. By increasing efficiency, power dissipation is minimized, reducing the risk of thermal issues, and ensuring stable operation.




For DC/DC Converters:

Cost savings due to reduced battery drain:

  • In battery-powered devices, a highly efficient DC/DC converter minimizes wasted energy during voltage conversion. This translates to extended battery life and fewer battery replacements, leading to long-term cost savings. Lower energy consumption is essential for conserving battery life and maximizing runtime in battery-powered applications such as portable devices, electric vehicles, and renewable energy systems, where prolonged battery life is a key feature.

Lower heat generation, reduced stress on cooling system:

  • Similar to AC/DC power supplies, efficient DC/DC converters minimize wasted energy, leading to cooler operation. This is particularly important in applications where heat dissipation can be challenging, such as tightly packed enclosures.

Reduced risk of failure:

  • Excessive heat can contribute to component failures within the DC/DC converter. Higher efficiency reduces this risk, leading to more reliable operation and reduced maintenance costs.


Explore MPD’s High Efficiency Power Supplies

At MicroPower Direct, we are designing industry-leading power supplies and shaping the future of energy-efficient solutions. We offer a diverse range of power supplies that include compact units for driving small devices as well as high-capacity units for powering complex and high-voltage systems. Some of our high efficiency products are given below:

MDR-SIF series

This series features compact and versatile AC/DC power supplies ideal for a wide range of applications. Features include an input power of 120W and a wide input voltage range of 85–264 VAC. This design ensures flexibility in DC fast-charging applications. It is also available with DIN-rail mounting, making it specifically tailored to meet the demanding requirements of EV charging infrastructures. The series uses IGBT and SiC technology to achieve high-efficiency power conversion, minimizing energy waste during the charging process.

Model Number

   Input Voltage (VAC)

   Output Voltage (VDC)


  Power (W)   



  85 – 264, Universal

  12, 24, 48, 55



  85 – 264, Universal

  12, 24, 48, 55



  85 – 264, Universal

  24, 48



The harsh environment of railway transportation requires robust and reliable power conversion solutions. MPD has introduced the MR50SRW and the MR75SRW, state-of-the-art DC/DC converters optimized for railway applications. There are many types of power supply voltages for train batteries and chargers worldwide.

Battery and Charger Voltage


  Input Voltage Range

  0.7*Vin ~ 1.25*Vin

  Voltage Drop

  (0.1s) (0.6*Vin)

  Transient Voltage

  (1s) (1.4*Vin)

24 V

  16.6 - 30 V

  14.4 V

  34 V

48 V

  33.6 - 60 V

  28.8 V

  67 V

72 V

  50.4 - 90 V


  101 V

96 V

  67.2 - 120 V


  135 V

110 V

  77 - 137.5

  66 V

  154 V

These two series have eight standard models that operate seamlessly within an ultra-wide input range of 40–160 VDC and meet all voltage levels (24, 48, 72, 96, and 110), ensuring compatibility with diverse railway systems. They feature reinforced isolation of 3.0 kV and EN 62368 approval. They also have wide operating temperature ranges, making them suitable to operate in all weather conditions. The standard 1/4 brick package ensures space-saving efficiency.

MPM-SVLD series

The MPM-SVLD series is a line of compact AC/DC power supplies with output power ranging from 3W to 40W. They boast ultra-wide 85 to 305 VAC inputs and offer a variety of regulated outputs: 3.3, 5.0, 9.0, 12, 15, or 24 VDC. Reinforced insulation and 4,000 VAC I/O isolation ensure safety and reliable performance. Additionally, their low cost and high efficiency make them the ideal choice for industrial, communication, and instrumentation applications. All models meet high EMI standards with minimal external components and offer options for chassis or DIN rail mounting, as well as industry-standard pin-outs.

Figure: MPM-SVLD series are compact as compared to their counterparts

Figure: MPM-90SVLD is suitable for industrial switch

MB4000ERW-H series

The MB4000ERW-H is a cost-effective DC/DC converter series packed into a compact 1 x 2-inch package. It has a 2:1 input range, an output power of 40W, and an impressive efficiency of up to 91%, enabling it to minimize energy losses and maximize power utilization. This converter meets the requirements of EN 55032 and operates over a wide range of temperatures -40°C to 80°C. The MB4000ERW-H utilizes industry-standard pin-outs, making installation and integration into existing systems easy.


In conclusion, MicroPower Direct's high-efficiency power solutions allows engineers to optimize system performance across diverse applications. By minimizing energy losses and reducing thermal dissipation, our products contribute to extended system lifespans, lower operating costs, and a smaller environmental footprint. Our portfolio of DC/DC converters and AC/DC power supplies offers a wide range of options to meet demanding efficiency requirements, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional performance in your next design. For detailed specifications, technical support, or to discuss your specific power needs, we encourage you to contact our team of experienced engineers.