New DSCL from Agile Analog

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 23, 2022


New DSCL from Agile Analog

New DSCL allows for the implementation of the digital circuits needed to manage analog blocks in mixed signal solutions.

Cambridge, UK. With the release of its DFM enhanced Digital Standard Cell Library (DSCL), Agile Analog is providing a thorough collection of thick-oxide-based digital cells enabling simplistic mitigation through differentiated system nodes with FINEFET. Barry Paterson, Agile Analog’s CEO, says, “These digital cells will operate within the analog voltage domain which avoids excessive level shifting to the core domain and enables digital control to be tightly coupled to analog IP."

For design flexibility, Agile Analog has options available for channel length and differing track clearance. A Power Management library targets applications for specific low-power solutions. Models can be created at customized PVT corners.

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