Number One Systems Offering the Easy-PC Version 25

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 19, 2021


Number One Systems Offering the Easy-PC Version 25
Photo Courtesy of the Company

Easy-PC was designed by a team of engineering professionals for engineering professionals.

Easy-PC makes the task of PCB design much quicker by providing everything required to easily create schematics, PCB layout, and manufacturing output.

Also included is a set of libraries that can be manipulated to specific needs, and the Component Search Engine with over 15 million parts available to download and use for free.

According to the company, a few of the new enhancements found in version 25 of Easy-PC include:

  • Easy-PC supports differential pairs with length matching
  • Easy-PC 25 adds methodology for specifying whether vias are to be 'tented'
  • New Design Rule Checks have been added to enhance the checking of the design so that errors can be rectified at an earlier stage of the design process
  • Resize Shape enables shapes to be replicated and resized
  • Autoplace Component Names
  • Recent Used Components List
  • Copper Coverage Report.

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