TT Electronics Expands Passive Resistor Portfolios

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 27, 2021


TT  Electronics Expands Passive Resistor Portfolios

TT Electronics, announced the addition of three new product families and three series expansions to its variable resistor portfolio.

Additions include one new encoder series (EN05) and two new single-turn potentiometer families (P166 and P265), along with the broadening of three existing potentiometer families (P09x, P260, and P270 Series).

The EN05 series miniature rotary encoder is designed for precision control of small portable equipment. EN05 rotary encoders are engineered for long life and are built into a compact, 5.8 mm-wide package.

The new P166 and P265 rotary potentiometer families offer resistances ranging from 500Ω to 1MΩ, and are designed to meet modern wave soldering processes. There are many options that vary by taper, shaft, brushing, output, and switching options. The P265 series contains an internal shaft seal for moisture protection and complies with PCB wash requirements and MIL-R-94 standards, where required.

The expanded portfolios include the P09x series, which is now available with concentric shafts (P09xC) and center-tap styles (P09xT); the P260 series now offers a device with a standard wire lead (P260L) and another with standard ribbon lengths (P260R); while the P270 series has added the P279 featuring a heavy-duty bushing style and seven new electrical angles.

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