Nexperia Releases ASFETS with 2x the Increase in SOA

By Chad Cox

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 23, 2022


Image Provided by Nexperia

Nijmegen. Nexperia adds ‘ASFETs for Hotswap and Soft Start’ family with 25 V and 30 V devices with SOA. The PSMNR67-30YLE ASFET produces 2.2x stronger SOA (12 V @100 mS) with an RDS(on) (max) as low as 0.7 mΩ.

Available LFPAK56 & LFPAK56E packages include an RDS(on) ranging from 0.7 mΩ to 2 mΩ, while working at 125 oC with hot SOA datasheet curves. Ideal applications are data center servers and communications equipment battery isolation, DC motor control, Power-over-Ethernet, and automotive airbag applications.

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