5G Terabit Scale Traffic from Keysight, F5, and AMD

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 13, 2022


5G Terabit Scale Traffic from Keysight, F5, and AMD

SANTA ROSA, Calif. Keysight Technologies, Inc. used its CyPerf, to demonstrate the capacity of the F5 BIG-IP Next Edge Firewall cloud-native network function (CNF), powered by the 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors. "We were confident that this proof-of-concept configuration would be powerful, with the automation and efficiency of running the new Edge Firewall CNF on AMD EPYC CPUs with 64 cores,” said Ryan Howard, Principal Solution Engineer, Business Development, F5.

Keysight’s CyPerf mimicked millions of mobile users surfing devices while producing Terabit scale traffic. Ryan Howard said, “the transactions per second (TPS) outcome was even better than initially predicted. Cloud-native test traffic from CyPerf provided a reliable, repeatable means to validate whether newly configured and provisioned systems can handle the tremendous throughput, TPS, and low latency requirements of modern 5G deployments,"

(Video Credit: Keysight)

For more information on Keysight’s CyPerf network test solution, visit https://www.keysight.com.

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